I want you to take a Bad Trip with me,

As if you were Alice in Wonderland in Outer Space!

For the Bad Trip I want you to go on today,

Is the Bad Trip that I took one day!

And I wish I was on LSD that day,

Like Alice took a trip in Wonderland!

For the Portland International Airport is where my Bad Trip began,

As the TSA Blue Clothes were all over the place with their dirty hands!


And I felt like I was on Acid that day,

Seeing these weirdoes flip out in such a way!

That I was the Terrorist that they were looking for,

As they wear their Blues Clothes each day!

And the weirder they became by looking at me,

The more I felt like I was on LSD that day!

As the TSA Groped my Balls,

To make me want to write today!


But as I was not on Acid that day,

I seemed to be that way!

Seeing things that I never seen before,

When the old women were getting groped in such a way!

For if I were to touch their titties,

I would get thrown in the jails these days!

But the TSA can grope any person,

Even your Balls they can grope each day!


And as the Sexual Abuse that I was seeing everywhere inside the International Airports,

Were the TSA who are on the injections that they were forced to take!

For them to obey every rule that was given,

To be able to touch any Human the TSA way!

And as the groping continues,

They are now doing the same to the children who disobey!

And the TSA will reach their hands inside your underwear,

To feel what they want to feel each day!


Now you have to be on LSD to fly United,

To follow the TSA rules of today!

Or you have to be a child molester,

To be able to touch children the TSA way!

And as the TSA keeps on groping children,

It will only end one day!

When they touch the wrong Balls that will hurt a Human,

And make him wish that he could lay in his grave!


Now the Caterpillar who is doing the talking; while smoking,

Will talk in such a way!

Where his words will be remembered,

In a very Acid Trippy way!

And as the Caterpillar will do the talking,

He will talk in such a way!

That you will feel like you are on Acid,

When you fly the United way!


Who in the Hell are you?

As my Smokey Words come flying your way!

And who in the Hell are you?

To think you can touch people this way!

And who in the Hell do you think you are?

By groping my Balls in such a way!

That I felt like I was on Acid,

Inside the TSALand that the Illuminati have made….


5/25/12 6:66:PM


May, 25th, 2012:

Dear Portland International Airport!

Dear the United Airlines, and to the TSA:

And every one of you who has an email will receive this letter from me, including Alex Jones, and the rest of the Underground Radio Talk Show Host Companies that I listen to, who are not paid and bribed off by the Foreign Bankers, who want a New World Order; for the whole World to die in their Foreign Hell!

I will even send this letter to the President of the Foreign United States! Barack Obama, who is also a Foreigner, born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, then Hawaii! At lest that is was what Barack Obama wrote!

May 27th, 2012: Dear Supreme Court, the Congress, Senators, and the Governors of the United States! It is time once again, to reintroduce myself, to all of you!

My name is Keith Ray Elam, Founder of Hemp Publishing Company!

When I am in severe pain, I like to write, to cause Havoc, throughout the World!

And while my memory is fresh and I am in severe pain, boy will I let the World hear what the Hell happened to me, inside the Portland International Airport, from the United Airlines, and the injuries that I received from the TSA employees.

Today is May 25, 2012, and on May 24, 2012 I was severely injured by the United Airlines’ TSA Agents, or from the Blue Bothers who work for the Portland International Airport, who is owned and operated by the New World Order Foreign Bank Commissioners, hidden deep under the Colorado International Airport! Yes, United might not be the owners of TSA, but, the Illuminati own, everything!

Around 1996 or 1997, I had a Hernia Operation on my right abdomen, and they put a Mesh Screen to hold the Hernia in place. After that day, every time I had an Orgasm, it would hurt like if I was living in Hell, and having my Balls get kicked inside of me! I went to a specialist about this, and he told me, that  they can go in and release the nerve in the Mesh Screen, or to be careful in life, and not to have your Balls, touched!

On May 10, 2012, I was hospitalized in the Portland Legacy Emanuel Hospital for a broken Femur, and they had to put 7 screws and a Plate to keep my Femur together. The doctors told me not to stand on my legs, but to rest for 11 weeks before I try to walk, and 4 months before I apply pressure to my leg!

I have proof that I was there, because Portland Legacy Emanuel Hospital sent United Airlines a letter, asking them to change my United Air Flight on the 17th of May. My United Airlines Confirmation Number is: MSMzeroBF or ASM0BF.

On May 24, 2012, I went through the United Airlines’ TSA Search Team! And boy did they search me so hard, it left me so severely injured, I am bed ridden right now. My Chest Muscle was blown out inside of my chest, or I broke a rib or two, while I was trying to stand up, to not allow the TSA to Grope my Balls!

First of all! Who and where on Hell do you think you can Grope someone’s Ball Sack, and get away with it?

May it be your last time on this Hell you have created for us all to live on, and may I end it very soon, for the TSA to grope someone’s Balls, and then laugh about it!

The very first TSA employee who abused me and caused me some severe pain; is when I could not go through the Metal Detector. I told the TSA employee, I can not walk, and that I was told by my doctors not to walk, but, he told me I had to take my shoes off, stand on my right foot that I broke in a Motorcycle accident in 2011, which it did not heal right. I was forced to bounce on an injured right foot, while my broken left Femur and knee was hurting like I was living on Hell, because TSA forced me to go the Metal Detector, after I told them that I am going to set off the alarms, because I have screws and plates holding my left Femur together! Which my plates and screws set off the alarm, when I was forced to injure myself some more, while bouncing on one injured foot, through the Metal Detector!

Then the TSA forced me to stand on my right foot and leg, for more than three minutes, while another TSA employee took me to the end of the Search Area, and made me stand on one foot, for too many Minutes, while he Groped me. I told the TSA agent that I am not allowed to stand, and if I could sit down while he groped me. He told me, to stand right there and not move. Then the TSA employee told me to spread my arms out. I told him I could not do this, and he told me I had to!

So, I used both of my crouches to keep myself balanced on one broken foot, while my arms were spread wide eagle, while the TSA employee ran his hand up my right leg, right up inside of my Ball Sack, to make my right leg collapse from underneath me! I fell onto the TSA employee to prevent me from falling onto the ground, and he caught me and held me until I got back my balance! The groping pain made my Right Ball to go up, right inside of me! This in turn made me catch myself with my arms spread out, while holding onto the crouches, spread wide eagle, when my right leg collapsed! I told the TSA agent I needed to sit down, because I injured myself. He told me that he had to grope me some more, and I told him I could barely stand up, because I had no way to hold myself up. A few more minutes went by, then I got to finally sit down, so that they could look for Bomb Explosives on me! I asked TSA Blue Bothers, “I heard that all cripples get searched this way, and he laughed at me, and he said, “Yes, we get to do this to all Handle Capped People, who come our way!” Then he laughed at me, again! This man was in his 50-60, with glasses, white hair, working around 11:30 – 12:00 AM. I was brought in by a Untied Airline women employee on a wheelchair. She had tattoos on her arms, with black hair. She was a witnessed to the whole Hellish Ordeal! She seen every minute of my sexual assault!

What made me know I was injured severely, I can not take deep breaths now. But, what made me write this letter to the World, I finally got back home from my Air Flights, and I needed to get up the 3rd floor of steps. I could not even get to the first step. I stood there for a Minute, and I tried again, and again, and again, and again. And I could not even raise my right foot off of the ground, with my right Chest.

I barely got up the 3rd floor of steps to turn on the Water Heater, by using the other side of my left chest, with one crouch under my left arm, while the arm rail is on the left hand side of the stairs, and when I got back down stairs, I realized, that I have no Chest Muscle to lift me up the steps. I have to leave my Hot Water Heater on now, because I am too afraid to try what I did before, to get up the steps. Ouch I am coughing right now, and I can not breathe. The Chest Muscle is torn, from having my arms spread wide eagle, holding myself by two crouches, while standing on one right leg, then being hit in the Balls!

Thanks United Airlines, Portland International Airport, for allowing the TSA Foreign Bankers to rule, you two, too!

After this email that I am sending to all of the Portland International Airport employees, to the TSA Big Bothers, and to the United Airlines employees, then to Barack Obama, if like this letter will do me any good, but to have him call the FBI on me, which George Bush did this to me, from my “HELP WANTED” Ad that I sent to everyone who worked inside of the White House, and throughout the United States and aboard!

I will then processed to email everyone who works for the Presstitute Media, who are bought and paid off by the Foreign Bankers who want a New World Order, so that everyone on Earth will hear what I have to say about United Airlines, Portland International Airport, and the TSA, or the Tinny Sibling Agents, who think they can Grope, anyone’s Balls, and get away with it, so that one day the Foreign Federal Reserve Bankers, will have an Excuse to plant an RFID Chip inside every Human Being that is living on or inside of this Earth, so that no Human can buy or sell, without Foreign Illuminati Big Bothers, knowing what you are selling, or buying!

Now, since I am so angry and in severe pain right now, and I have explained what the Hell happened to me, yesterday, in the Portland International Airport, when I was severely injured by the TSA on May, 24, 2012,  when I was Groped in the inside of my Balls, by the TSA, inside of the Portland International Airport!

If in the future I get harassed by the TSA, FBI, the CIA, for me speaking out in this letter, I will even go further with my Lawsuit, to make sure that the ones who speak out about our USA Government Employees, will never get punished for their actions, for these type of illegal crimes that keeps going on, by the USA Government Officials, who are owned and operated by the Foreign Bankers, by using the Federal Reserve Bank, as their Money Source, to go to war with any Nation on Earth, to get the Illuminati’s, New World Order in place, for the RFID Chip, or the Mark of the Devil to be placed on every Human Being, on or inside of this Earth, so that they can control the World’s Money Currency!

May all of you burn in Hell, for eternity, to what you have done to me, or to others….

P.S. I am going to call all of the Lawyers that I can find on the Internet, until I find one who will take my Injury Case. Oh, my severe pain, it is under my right hand tit, inside of my ribs.

One more P.S?

I am going to write another Poem about the TSA, Portland International Airport, and about United, but, I will have every name that I have mentioned above, be mentioned in My Poem, so please visit my Website soon, to see what I will have written about; every one of you, in one of my other Poems! Oh, I wrote the Poem, and it is called, “Alice in TSALand” Please read it when I post it on the Internet….

Today is May 26th, 2012. I did not get any sleep last night. I hurt so severely, I could not even breathe all night long, I only could roll in my sweat, and in sweaty wet covers.

One more thing while I am in severe pain, and when I like to write!

I do not fear my Government, but they better fear the One, who created me!

You need to look for Bomb Explosives on the hands of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the hands of the CIA, for bringing down the Oklahoma Building, the Twin Towers, and Building Number Seven, which it takes more than Two Airline Jets, to bring Three Buildings Down! Then Execute all of them for murdering little children, the Fire Men, the Foreigners, along with the USA Citizens, who all died from the Illuminati’s False Flag attacks, to steal all of the Oil from Iraq, and allowing Halliburton to steal trillions of dollars from the United States, so that Shell can own Iraq’s Oil Rights, while taking over Afghanistan to grow Poppies, to make Heroin, to support the Al-CIA-DA, to own Afghanistan, to lay a Pipeline across Afghanistan, to sell your Oil that you have stolen! But let us all not forget about the Depleted Uranium Dust that USA and Britain laid all over the Nations that they have stolen! Good job, Dick Cheney! May your evil heart always beat out, from the outside of you! Or better yet, look inside the Balls Shacks of the Underwear Bomber, who the CIA boarded him on the Airline without a Passport, so that the CIA/TSA, can go into an Illegal Business, for themselves!

Instead, please do not look for Bomb Explosives, or Illegal Drugs on me, or on other Handy Capped USA Citizens; start looking, on the TSA/CIA!

And as for the TSA looking for Terrorist and Bombs? They are only there looking for Illegal Drug Smugglers that are competing against the CIA, the Border Patrols, and Bill Clinton’s Cocaine Smuggling King Pin Illegal Drug Ring, who work for the ones, who all of them, need to Executed!

If I can not find a Lawyer who has the Balls to file a Lawsuit against all of you, I will have my justice, with only using my words, in your second life, but while in your first life, too!

May the Burning Hell last for eternity; for the ones who hurt me, and others, but also the Handy Capped, too….

May, 27th, 2012. I have not slept, since I was groped by the TSA! I mentioned about the “HELP WANTED” Ad, that I sent to everyone who worked inside of the White House, and throughout the United States. I sent that email, to the Supreme Court, to the Congress, the Senators of every State, and to the Governors of every State, and throughout the United States to the Media! It caused such an Uproar inside of the White House, that the Bush Administration two weeks later, passed a new Law, called the “NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH ACT, INSIDE OF THE WHITE HOUSE!” Where, if any government employee receives an email or letter that contains words that could cripple and destroy the government, it must be destroyed immediately, and if those emails or letters are sent to anyone who works for the government, friends or family, they will be charged; for Treason!

Now! My words are designed to cripple and destroy governments throughout the World! Since I have not slept all night last night, I was thinking to myself! Is life more important, than just to live?

Since last night, and it is early in the morning, I will proceed to email this letter, like I did with the “HELP WANTED” email that I sent to everyone who works for the United States government! It took me three days, and over 16 hours a day to do it! I look forward since I can not sleep, to do it again, and see what type a New Laws the White House will come up with….

May 28th, 2012. I am still hurting real bad, so here I go again, when I am in pain.

Dear Hillary Clinton: You mentioned to someone, about the Quelling. So, you said that 6.5 Billion people must die, so that the Illuminati can have control of the Earth. 6.5 Billion people are a lot of people to murder. Have you ever thought what those 6.5 billion souls are going to do to you, and the rest of Illuminati, after you left your first life, and get to experience your second life, in Hell with all of those lost souls that you murdered, who will haunt you, for eternity! I have pity on every one of your souls, who are going to Hell, for Eternity, for murder….


Keith Ray Elam, Founder of Hemp Publishing Company….

Remember! I do not fear, from anyone! But, you better fear the One, who created me….





And the Voting Machines that the R&D use. Go back to paper trail votes, and not paperless trail votes! You thieves who steal our votes, will only burn in Hell for eternity!

Oh, this is what R&D wants. How stupid of me! They all worship the Devil!

I am sorry, you will not like it, to where you will all go to….









WRITTEN BY, I, ON, 5/25/2012 6:66:PM






Written by the President of !

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